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Summit Plant Laboratories, Inc.

Since 1987

About Summit Plant Laboratories, Inc.

Micropropagation and Seed Health Specialist

Summit Plant Laboratories, Inc. is a large-scale, wholesale specialty micropropagation (clean-stocks) and seed health testing business. We have been in the specialty micropropagation business since 1987. We apply laboratory plant cloning and greenhouse technologies to produce clean seed stocks for breeders, greenhouses, and field crop producers. The corporate office, laboratory and greenhouse facilities are all located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

While working in cooperation with state and federal certifying agencies, researchers and agribusinesses, Summit Plant Laboratories, Inc. remains completely private and independent of affiliation with any other corporate, government, or academic entity.

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

We can help you with...

Tissue Culture Production

Our custom micropropagation services include: virus and disease index and testing, high volume production, and virus, fungal and bacterial eradication.

Genetic Repository, Maintenance and Preservation

Proprietary line maintenance, including but not limited to, private potato, mint and hop selections.

Breeding Assistance

We’ve worked with many different plants, projects and end goals, and are happy to discuss your project and our options with you. 

Seed Health/Plant Pathology

We’re accredited by the National Seed Health System. Virus testing includes: ELISAS, PCR, seedling grow-out, and BFB. Please inquire if a test of your interest is not listed here.

Greenhouse Leasing
Greenhouse Leasing

Research grade greenhouse rentals available upon request.

Research and Development Assistance

We can provide a large number of disease-tested transplants for reclamation projects. Please inquire with us about your prospective project.



Clean Stocks

Tissue Culture Production

Breeding Assistance

Genetic Repository, Maintenance, and Preservation


Seed Health

Virus testing includes, but not limited to: ELISAS, PCR, seedling grow-out, and BFB. 


Other Services

Research and

Development Assistance

Greenhouse Rentals

Contact Us

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