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Other Services Offered

Tissue Culture Production- Our custom micropropagation includes virus-indexed clone production, and viral, fungal, and bacterial disease eradication. We specialize in private potato, mint and hop selections, but have worked with many other plants such as: strawberries, tarragon, garlic, gypsophila, and hemp.

Breeding Assistance- How can we help your breeding program? By rapidly multiplying your breeding stock. We’ve worked with many different plants, projects and end goals, and are happy to discuss your project and our options with you. 

Genetic Repository, Maintenance, and Preservation- Proprietary line maintenance, including, but not limited to, private potato, mint and hop selections.


Seed Health and Plant Pathology- We’re accredited by the National Seed Health System. Virus testing including, but not limited to, ELISAS, PCR, seedling grow-out, and BFB. 

Research and Development Assistance- We have the ability to provide a large number of transplants and transplants for reclamation projects

Greenhouse Space Available for Lease- Research grade greenhouse rentals available.

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